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  4. Proposed CFO fee increases sent back to DEH for review, possible adjustment — March 16, 2017
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Jun 25

News on Fees, Links, and Forms

Fees for new San Diego Cottage Food Operators go up July 1, 2017. Fees for San Diego CFOs who are renewing after July 1 go down. Everyone benefits from new rules re. labels. And, did you know the state of California Dept. of Public Health revamped their website, so your old links to information there …

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Apr 13

What Can I Make?

California has a list of approved cottage foods that is more diverse than probably any other state. A lot of different foods can be made, but many cannot. What can, and cannot, be made for sale under a cottage food license in CA? Approved foods include the standard baked goods like muffins, cookies, and cakes, but …

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Mar 29

Revised Fees Discussion!

YOUR INPUT NEEDED for Current and New CFO Application Fees On March 15, 2017 the Board of Supervisors directed the Chief Administrative Officer to return to the Board with proposed fee adjustments for cottage food operators after further consideration of alternatives.   DEH-FHD is holding a Cottage Food Stakeholder Meeting on Monday, April 10, 2017 …

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Mar 16

Proposed CFO fee increases sent back to DEH for review, possible adjustment

Way to respond, San Diego CFOs! Your petition, calls, emails and comments to the San Diego Board of Supervisors resulted in them sending the proposed fee structure for CFOs back to Dept. Environmental Health Food and Housing Division for review and possible reduction. We will work with the department to see if there is more …

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Feb 27

Time to Speak Up

The CA Cottage Food Law (AB1616) was specifically established to promote the creation of small businesses and the growth of home-based businesses that contribute to the health, prosperity, and well being of Californians. The San Diego County Dept. of Environmental Health Food & Housing Department wants to raise fees for new CFO applications by more …

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Feb 16

New for San Diego CFOs in 2015

Hard to believe but we are starting the third year of growing small businesses, establishing entrepreneurs and being able to legally sell food made in our own home kitchens! Each year changes take place in the details of how to do that, so here are some things to know when starting or renewing in 2015: …

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Oct 30


If you have not started planning your packaging and marketing strategies for November and December’s holidays, it’s not too late, but almost! Have you considered dressing up your packaging to make your products more appealing as gifts? What opportunities are there to attract new customers during this time? How can your promote early ordering? Use …

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Sep 04

Labeling News

  Getting product labels approved for your San Diego Cottage Food Operation is one of the bigger challenges owners face to getting their applications approved or renewed. Modified label requirements can impact both the design of your labels, and whether or not they get approved. Learn what is new for labels before you waste a …

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Aug 24

Business Insurance for CFOs

Wondering if you should get business insurance for your California Cottage Food Operation (CFO)? Will your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance cover your home-based business? Do you need liability insurance for a farmer’s market or special event? CFOs are asking! Do I need insurance? The state of California does not require you to get liability insurance …

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Feb 22

Lessons Learned at Permit Renewal

It has been just over a year since the implementation of AB1616 which spawned a California Cottage Food industry. Now, entrepreneurial foodies can start a business making certain foods at home for sale to the public. Last year was a year of growth and learning for everyone.  Some updates and refinements have been made. What’s …

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