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Nov 18

Amending the Approved Food List

So your food is not on the CA Approved Cottage Food List . . . now what? The Homemade Food Act, AB1616, authorizes the state Department of Public Health to add or remove foods and they have just released instructions on how you can request that they consider adding your food product. As one of the …

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Sep 16

Ethnic Variety in CA’s Cottage Food Law

Aspiring business owners of all cultures and all cuisines can participate as Cottage Food Operators by making their own traditional varieties within approved food groups. California’s Cottage Food law honors the Mexican cultural influence in particular by specifically permitting certain Latino foods or variations. Among the baked goods that the CA Homemade Food Act explicitly …

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Aug 28

State vs. Local Laws – Which Prevail?

According to California’s Homemade Food Bill (also known as CA’s Cottage Food law, AB1616), local governments cannot outlaw or prohibit Cottage Food Operations (CFOs) through zoning laws.  Municipalities can, however, regulate “…spacing and concentration, traffic control, parking, and noise control relating to those homes.”  The law was written, in part, to encourage the startup of …

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Aug 18


SUCCESS has already come to some who started operating their own businesses as Cottage Food Operations in San Diego County.  Bridget Doyle knew people loved her white chocolate fudge—they told her all the time at the hospital where she volunteered.  She got a reputation as the “Fudge Lady.” But when they offered to buy it, …

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Jun 25

Avoid Getting Frosted Over Frosting

You make the most awesome cakes and cupcakes ever! Now, you want to sell them. You want to get a cottage food  permit, but what about the frosting?  Did you know that most buttercream and cream cheese frostings will not be approved as they are not proven to be shelf stable?  What to do. . …

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May 06

Passing Inspection for Class B CFO Permit

All Class B CFOs must have their kitchens inspected annually in order to receive their permit. Wondering how to pass your Inspection? Cottage Foods Sandie has some tips and insights to make sure there are no hidden surprises! The main point of the inspection is to ensure that the public health is protected. That means …

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Apr 16

Selling Your Product: Farmer’s Markets

The real question for most California Cottage Food Operators is how and where do I sell my homemade foods?  Farmer’s Markets, where people knowingly come to sample and buy food, is often the first place people plan to sell.  But getting into a market is not always as “easy as pie.” Here are some points …

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Mar 04

Pricing Your Product

There is no sense having a business that eats you out of house and home.  Why work so hard making great food, then sell it at a loss?  Do you know how much it costs you to produce your product?  How much time it takes to make your goods?  How much your competitors’ products cost? …

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Feb 10

Best Value, Least Risk CFO Training

By law, Cottage Food Operators (CFOs) in California must complete a food processor’s training course within 90 days of getting a CFO permit. In  San Diego you have two options, online classes approved by the state or classroom style classes approved by the county.  Online classes are faster, cheaper, and more convenient if you have …

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Feb 02

‘Net Limits Will Limit Net Sales

California Dept. of Public Health has decided that we can use the internet to promote, even sell, our cottage foods–but the food cannot be shipped. It must be picked up by or delivered directly to the consumer. That may mean considerably less money as net profit! San Diego county is offering Class B permit holders …

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