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Apr 16

Selling Your Product: Farmer’s Markets

The real question for most California Cottage Food Operators is how and where do I sell my homemade foods?  Farmer’s Markets, where people knowingly come to sample and buy food, is often the first place people plan to sell.  But getting into a market is not always as “easy as pie.” Here are some points …

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Feb 10

Best Value, Least Risk CFO Training

By law, Cottage Food Operators (CFOs) in California must complete a food processor’s training course within 90 days of getting a CFO permit. In  San Diego you have two options, online classes approved by the state or classroom style classes approved by the county.  Online classes are faster, cheaper, and more convenient if you have …

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Jan 29

Latest News on CFO Training for San Diego

San Diego County Environmental Health Department is allowing more options for Cottage Food Operators who, by law, must complete a food processor’s course within three months of getting registered. BOTH the state’s list of accredited training (online) and the county’s list of (in-person) classroom trainings will be accepted for now. The state is working to …

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Jan 27

Training and the Food Handler’s card dilemma

  Good news! CA Dept. Public Health, the group tasked with developing a food processor course for Cottage Food Operators, has decided that until they have more time to design a class, we only need to get a food handler’s card.  Here’s what is interesting… most of the state approved classes are not approved for …

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Jan 16

LABELS: Do Say, Don’t Say

The labeling requirements for San Diego Cottage Foods are listed in the registration application–but there’s more that is required by state and federal law.  Also, some words should not be used to describe your product.  Save yourself time and trouble down the road by using these tips to get your label right from the start… …

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Jan 13

Tips to Getting Permitted

Cottage Foods Sandie got her Class B permit from San Diego Environmental Health on Friday.  There are a few delays you can avoid and ways to streamline your process if you want to make it easier on yourself.  For instance . . .   Your food product MUST be one of the foods on the CA …

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Jan 06

Simple Steps to Starting

  Starting a business may SOUND intimidating, but it’s not. Just like a recipe, it’s a matter of following the steps in sequence. Cottage Food Sandie is here to help!  We’ve put together the resources you need to get your business off the ground.  Follow these simple steps to get a cottage food business started …

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Jan 02

Applications available at!

Applications for Cottage Food permits weren’t even online yet at the San Diego Environmental Health website, but you could download a copy from us!   Applications can be picked up in person or just link to our copies below.  To help decide which permit is best for you, see Class A vs B Cottage Food Permits. …

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Jan 02

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

San Diego County Environmental Health Department seems to be lagging behind the Jan. 1, 2013 implementaion deadline for the Cottage Food Law.  Other counties including Orange County made their applications available this morning.  It appears that fees for permits in Orange County will range from around $25-30 (Permit A) to $250-$275 (Permit B).  The requirements for …

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Dec 28

Business or Hobby?

 So you’ve been putting together these incredibly tasty and beautiful edibles in your kitchen and sharing them with friends, family, co-workers or others for fun–and maybe someone gives you a monetary token of appreciation for your effort. But you’d like to legitimately make some “dough” from your kitchen creations. Could you–should you–turn it into a …

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