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Jan 13

Tips to Getting Permitted

Cottage Foods Sandie got her Class B permit from San Diego Environmental Health on Friday.  There are a few delays you can avoid and ways to streamline your process if you want to make it easier on yourself.  For instance . . .   Your food product MUST be one of the foods on the CA …

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Jan 06

Simple Steps to Starting

  Starting a business may SOUND intimidating, but it’s not. Just like a recipe, it’s a matter of following the steps in sequence. Cottage Food Sandie is here to help!  We’ve put together the resources you need to get your business off the ground.  Follow these simple steps to get a cottage food business started …

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Jan 02

Applications available at!

Applications for Cottage Food permits weren’t even online yet at the San Diego Environmental Health website, but you could download a copy from us!   Applications can be picked up in person or just link to our copies below.  To help decide which permit is best for you, see Class A vs B Cottage Food Permits. …

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Dec 28

Business or Hobby?

 So you’ve been putting together these incredibly tasty and beautiful edibles in your kitchen and sharing them with friends, family, co-workers or others for fun–and maybe someone gives you a monetary token of appreciation for your effort. But you’d like to legitimately make some “dough” from your kitchen creations. Could you–should you–turn it into a …

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Dec 26

New information from CA Health Dept!

California’s Department of Public Health has recently posted guidelines and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (See HERE).  Although local counties still have authority to regulate the businesses and establish some additional parameters, this provides an outline for statewide regulations.  The state law allowing cottage food industries in California  (AB 1616) stipulates that operators must pass a food processor course …

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Dec 22

Are you in the zone?

Before you can consider starting a homemade food business, check your zoning by calling your local planning department.  Although AB 1616 specifically states that a city cannot prohibit a cottage food business, the business must still comply with local ordinances re. traffic, noise, parking, signage, etc.  Some towns also require Home Occupancy permits and applications must be included …

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Dec 13

Before the timer dings . . .

Cottage Foods Sandie has started thinking about what we would need to get rolling quickly after Jan. 1.  Orange County helped me out by letting me know some of what they will require in their applications.  It’s likely that it won’t be much different for San Diego. If you have already started thinking about making and selling …

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Dec 10

Let’s get cookin’

Yes, San Diegans, you can start your own business right from your kitchen.  On Jan. 1, 2013 California’s Homemade Food Law goes into effect.  AB1616, known as the Cottage Food bill, means that you will no longer have to rent a commercial kitchen to make and sell your homemade cookies, cakes, candy, or vinegars, mustards, …

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