Let’s get cookin’

Yes, San Diegans, you can start your own business right from your kitchen.  On Jan. 1, 2013 California’s Homemade Food Law goes into effect.  AB1616, known as the Cottage Food bill, means that you will no longer have to rent a commercial kitchen to make and sell your homemade cookies, cakes, candy, or vinegars, mustards, flavored oils, candied fruits, nuts, or any other “non-potentially hazardous” food product.  C’mon entrepreneurs!  Here’s our opportunity to start a business literally “from scratch.”

    Want more details on the law? Want to know how to get started? Need details on what steps to take?  San Diego Cottage Foods intends to be your source of information for mixing aspiration, hope, and recipes  to create your dream of extra income for you and  your family.   Now is the time to get started putting the  ingredients together!
     To get answers to the most often asked questions, see our FAQsTo read the bill in its entirety, click here. Or, read a simplified, easy-to-understand version here.  Want to know about the regulations as they are announced, or know how to get prepared before Jan. 1, sign up for our e-newsletter or blog posts!  And stay tuned . . .


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    Please sign me up for your e newsletter. Thank you

    1. You can sign up for free using the subscription link on the right hand side of the page or click the tab “JOIN”

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