Latest News on CFO Training for San Diego

Food  handlingSan Diego County Environmental Health Department is allowing more options for Cottage Food Operators who, by law, must complete a food processor’s course within three months of getting registered. BOTH the state’s list of accredited training (online) and the county’s list of (in-person) classroom trainings will be accepted for now.

The state is working to prepare a special food processor training class for Cottage Food Operators, any employee, and/or household member involved in preparing or packaging food.  Until those classes become available, however, we must provide proof of proper food handling knowledge by obtaining a food handler’s card.

It can be confusing since San Diego has more stringent classroom requirements for food handler’s cards than the standard California state requirements.  At present, either the state approved or county approved food handler’s cards will be accepted.  As an added bonus, the cards do not expire for cottage food production like they do for restaurants or other food handlers.

For a comparison of online options, costs entailed, languages available, etc. see our Comparison of Online Trainings.

For a list of San Diego County approved classroom trainings click HERE.


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  1. I have Food handler classes in Chula Vista every Thursday night. Go to for more information about classes.

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