‘Net Limits Will Limit Net Sales

imageCalifornia Dept. of Public Health has decided that we can use the internet to promote, even sell, our cottage foods–but the food cannot be shipped. It must be picked up by or delivered directly to the consumer. That may mean considerably less money as net profit!

San Diego county is offering Class B permit holders the chance to revert to the cheaper Class A permit if their main goal was to do internet sales. (Class A permits are for those who sell only directly to customers. If you intend to sell wholesale or to another business which will sell your product, you still need a Class B permit.)

Many states have some restrictions on selling cottage foods via the internet. It was originally thought that we would at least be able to ship foods sold on the web within the county, or possibly to neighboring county residents, but the state has–at least for now–limited even that option. See #9 on the state’s Cottage Food FAQs HERE.


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