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cdphsmallCalifornia’s Department of Public Health has recently posted guidelines and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (See HERE).  Although local counties still have authority to regulate the businesses and establish some additional parameters, this provides an outline for statewide regulations.  The state law allowing cottage food industries in California  (AB 1616) stipulates that operators must pass a food processor course within three (3) months of being registered or permitted.  It has been unclear whether current food handler’s cards would be accepted or whether a separate course would be required. It appears that a special course for Cottage Food Operators will be established so don’t rush out to get the current card approvals. More information on the new class should be available in mid-January 2013.


Some detailed information on product labeling is also now available on the California health department site, including both state and federal stipulations and a sample label format.  A list of sanitation and food preparation requirements, excerpted from the bill, are summarized here.  While there is not a lot of new information, at least the department is moving forward in providing a centralized resource for information which is relevant statewide.   Stay tuned for the next post on moving from hobby to business mentality!


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  1. Sandie,

    Just discovered this. Appears that current food handlers cards & food safety mgr certificates will suffice for required (but unavailable) CFO course:

    FYI & to share.

    Have rec’d your CFO permit yet?


    1. Yes! Got the class B permit without too much hassle, thanks to being prepared!
      See the upcoming post on CFO training for San Diego County. Currently only one organization is approved by BOTH state and county!

    • Elaine on December 8, 2014 at 10:35 am
    • Reply

    I have a Food Handlers Card that I got two years ago.
    I do not have a managers card.
    Do I need the managers card for a Class A or B permit?
    Is there a special Cottage Foods course to take?
    Thanks again,

    1. Your card may still be good if it has a 3 years expiration date. Otherwise, see our post, We recommend and their $10 no money risk, online course 🙂 You pay when you pass! Very straightforward. Good for three years. For some reason, the link on the site is acting up so type it in if necessary. CA state course approved for CFOs (part of the listing on the CA Health site) NOTE: You have up to 90 days after getting your CFO license. I suggest getting the A or B permit FIRST.

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