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Fees for new San Diego Cottage Food Operators go up July 1, 2017. Fees for San Diego CFOs who are renewing after July 1 go down. Everyone benefits from new rules re. labels. And, did you know the state of California Dept. of Public Health revamped their website, so your old links to information there won’t work. We have the new ones! Finally, we’ve created checklist forms to help you create proper labels for cottage foods. Read on!


Fees for new CFO applications approved after July 1, 2017 will be $185 for A registrations and $421 for B permits. Both will allow up to 10 labels to be reviewed for accuracy. (You can make and sell more CA state approved CFO products without having all of the labels reviewed. If you’d like more labels reviewed to be sure they are correct, that can be done for $76.50 per 30 min. The county can only bill in half-hour increments.)

The County Dept. of Health will no longer issue a list of products you are approved to make and sell. You will be able to make and sell any of those on the CA approved CFO food list and will be responsible for being sure that the ingredients and products are allowed.

CFOs renewing after July 1, 2017 will pay $74 for A registrations and $290 for B permits. An annual kitchen inspection will still be required for B permit holders. CFO permits can be renewed if there is no change in ownership, business name, location or permit type. If you need to make such changes, you will need to file a new application and pay new application fees upon approval.


With the new revamping of the state’s public health website, the Cottage Food Program got overlooked when adding links to the Index and Search bar. But we found it for you! (Hopefully, the situation will be fixed soon. Meanwhile…) You can find the main

California Cottage Food Operations website HERE.

Look for the approved food list HERE.

Find the state instructions on generating labels HERE, and the County checklist HERE  NOTE: While the instructions list information that MUST be included on your product labels, you may also include contact information such as a phone number, email address, website, Facebook page, etc. That’s a good idea if you want people to be able to order from you!

For general food-handler training instructions and the link to approved online training classes click HERE. (If you prefer attending a class in person, San Diego County offers classroom settings for you to get a CFO approved food handler’s card. Check HERE for the list, including classes in foreign languages.)


The San Diego County Cottage Food website contains many helpful links. They have tried to simplify the application forms.

New instructions for primary (or primary and secondary) labels for A and B CFOs have been written and include SAMPLE LABEL EXAMPLES. Find them HERE.

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