Proposed CFO fee increases sent back to DEH for review, possible adjustment

Way to respond, San Diego CFOs! Your petition, calls, emails and comments to the San Diego Board of Supervisors resulted in them sending the proposed fee structure for CFOs back to Dept. Environmental Health Food and Housing Division for review and possible reduction. We will work with the department to see if there is more that can be done to keep the fees low or phase in the increase over a longer period of time. DEH-FHD will report back to the Supervisors on Mar. 22 and fees will be approved or disapproved then.

If you’d like to see the meeting yourself, go to
You will find the DEH-FHD presentation at 24:20
– CFO Barbara Preston 3 min presentation at 38:14
– CFO Sean Phillips 3 min challenge to DEH and Supervisors to have San Diego lead SCal counties in having lowest, not highest, CFO fees at 41:30
– Support for re-examining fees by Chairwoman Dianne Jacob at 48:30
– Supervisor Greg Cox (whose statements reflected renewal fees for CFOs with NO CHANGES only and did not address fees for those who’d want to add products or change labels) at 48:50
– Vice Chair Kristin Gaspar, a businesswoman herself at 54:50
– Supervisor Bill Horn who’d prefer to get rid of the CFO fees entirely (YAY!) 59:30

Please thank your County Supervisors (especially Jacob, Gaspar and Horn) for encouraging the Dept of Environmental Health to implement ways to reduce the fees. Hopefully, they will make ways to do so.

As CFOs, we appreciate the addition of a new rate for renewal fees, but would like to see the industry continue to grow and thrive by keeping the cost barrier to entry low.

Additional updates coming after the March 22, 2017 vote!

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