SPECIAL MEETING for CFOs w/the SD Health, Food & Housing Division

We have arranged a SPECIAL MEETING with the San Diego Dept Environmental Health, Food and Housing Division to express displeasure and discuss ways to avoid the drastic
50%+ Fee Increase proposed by DEH
for cottage food permits.

The meeting is scheduled for next Friday, FEB 3, 2017 at NOON at the main office 5500 Overland Ave #170, San Diego, CA 92123

DEH/FHD’s position is that it requires too long (2-2.5 hrs) to evaluate CFO applications and they initially set their fee too low. Currently, the fees are in line with other S.Cal Counties (Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties) but the increases to $215 for an A registration or $445 for a B permit are higher than all of them, and higher than most in the state. Something is wrong.

Your voice needs to be heard so that our young industry isn’t crushed under oppressive application fees.

What should you do?

  1. Plan to attend the meeting if at all possible. Bring your ideas and suggestions on how to streamline and improve efficiency. DEH says most of their time is spent reviewing and revising applicant labels. It is in their interest and ours to make the application review process as clear and simple as possible. If you cannot attend, send me your ideas, suggestions, and comments and I will present them.
  2. Contact county officials by email and/or phone to let them know  your thoughts. Here is their current info:
    • Sarah Aghassi, Dep. Chief Admin Officer for DEH: Sarah.Aghassi@sdcounty.ca.gov  (new from previsous email)
    • Elise Rothschild, Director for DEH: Elise.Rothschild@sdcounty.ca.gov (correct email address)
    • Gloria Estolano, Chief Food and Housing Div. DEH: Estolano, Gloria Gloria.Estolano@sdcounty.ca.gov; phone 858-505-6898. Let her hear from you!
  3. Join our Facebook page San Diego Cottage Foods to get current info.

Please let me know if you have insights, comments, or suggestions AND if you will be able to attend the meeting Fri, Feb 3 at noon on Overland Ave.

Cottage Foods Sandie


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