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San Diego County Environmental Health Department seems to be lagging behind the Jan. 1, 2013 implementaion deadline for the Cottage Food Law.  Other counties including Orange County made their applications available this morning.  It appears that fees for permits in Orange County will range from around $25-30 (Permit A) to $250-$275 (Permit B).  The requirements for both permits and a self-certification check list for a Permit A in Orange County are likely to be similar for San Diego County.   So, if you want to get started on pulling together the information you will need, check out the application package published for Orange County.  We also are awaiting news on when the state of CA will start offering the food processor course which will be required within three months of getting your cottage food permit.  That information is expected within the next two weeks.

We have calls into San Diego County Environmental Health to find out about our application packets.

Stay tuned!


    • Joy Danzig on January 26, 2013 at 4:40 pm
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    You folks in Orange county are lucky. Sonoma County Dept. of Environmental Health charged $139 for an A permit. Oh well, hope to make that up in sales!

    1. In San Diego County the Class A permit is $142 and the Class B permit is $284.

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